Resolve Oil and Gas Well Production Problems with JJ Tech Artificial Lift Solutions

  • April 13, 2023
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Resolve Oil and Gas Well Production Problems with JJ Tech Artificial Lift Solutions

  • April 13, 2023
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How to Increase Oil and Gas Well Production

How to Optimize Production and Reduce Overall Lifting Costs in Challenging Wells

Many wells present challenges to producers. These wells can face more downtime for maintenance, reduced efficiency and higher lifetime costs. Different challenges require different solutions. 

As a specialist in "challenging" wells, we have engineered solutions for oil and gas producers to optimize and reduce the overall cost of production.

Horizontal and Highly Deviated Wells

The Challenge: Long-radius wellbore bends and poorly drilled wells, such as "dog-leg" or “crooked” holes, can limit some artificial lift systems.

Electric Submersible Pumps (ESP): Installing an ESP in highly deviated wellbore poses several challenges. Power cables can be damaged as well as the pump/motor assembly, causing decreased run times.

Rod Lift and Progressive Cavity Pumps: When wellbores are not perfectly straight, there is high sucker or drive rod friction because of the inclination. This, in turn, can cause sucker rods to "part" and/or cause "rod cut" tubing.

Gas Lift: Although gas lift can work inside deviated wells, setting and retrieving gas lift valves into side pocket mandrels can be challenging when working inside a crooked wellbore.

JJ Tech Solution: The JJ Tech artificial lift solution uses a downhole hydraulically powered jet pump, which is powered by pressurized fluid from the surface. Since there is no mechanical connection from the surface pump to the downhole jet pump, the JJ Tech solution is reliable in highly deviated holes and vertical completions.

Wells with High Sand Content and Frac Flowback

The Challenge: High solids and/or sand production can cause problems for most artificial lift technologies, especially during frac flowback operations.

Electric Submersible Pump (ESP): Rotating components at very high RPMs wear quickly when abrasives are present.

Rod Lift: Reciprocating pumps use metal balls and seats to seal. These seals damage quickly when abrasives are introduced. Once these seals are damaged, the leaking seals decrease the overall lifting efficiency of the system.

JJ Tech Solution: JJ Tech jet pumps are more reliable when solids are present because they have no moving parts inside the pumping mechanism. Our jet pumps are fabricated using the finest metallurgies available, and, where needed, we use special carbide clad coatings. The patented pump design allows for increased flow areas compared to competing technologies.

Wells with Changing Conditions

The Challenge: Many artificial lift technologies require intervention when well conditions change. This intervention often requires expensive workover rigs to reconfigure downhole equipment to adapt to a change in well conditions.

JJ Tech Solution: Once installed, all JJ Tech jet pumps can be optimized from the surface by increasing or decreasing the amount of power fluid injected into the downhole jet pump. Using our jet pump optimization software, you can monitor downhole conditions to maximize the efficiency of our jet pump. If you need to change the downhole pump assembly, you can easily reverse-circulate our pump to the surface.

Also, you can set the data memory gauge and retrieve it hydraulically (without a workover rig) with the jet pump, enabling easy data capture.

Wells with a High GLR

The Challenge: The presence of free gas hinders the performance of many artificial lift solutions, reducing the liquid rates and the “lifting” ability. This decrease in performance or "gas locking" may be quite severe, resulting in significant production losses, lower reliability and increased operating costs because of premature equipment failure.

Our Solution: Jet pumps can't "gas lock" and typically perform better in higher GLR wells than positive displacement pumps, such as progressive cavity and reciprocating rod lifting pumps.

Wells with High Corrosives

The Challenge: Some produced wells have high concentrations of corrosive gases such as H2S and CO2. These corrosives can damage metal tubulars downhole. Since the well casing is cemented into the ground and can't be removed, it's critical to keep these corrosives from damaging the wellbore.

Our Solution: JJ Tech's SELECT-JET Pumps allow you to operate in "reverse flow" and inject clean/treated power fluid down the casing and return the corrosive fluids up the tubing (which is replaceable). Jet pumping with SELECT-JET allows you to run in normal or reverse flow without changing the bottom hole assembly.

Wells with Damaged Casing

The Challenge: With damaged casing, it’s difficult to produce fluids from a particular formation without comingled fluids from higher in the wellbore.

Our Solution: JJ Tech can design a system that can isolate a casing leak. We have jet pumps with small O.D. (1.66") that can operate effectively inside of liners as small as 2.441" (2-7/8" production tubing)

Deep Wells

The Challenge: Some wells are too deep for traditional artificial lift methods. This can make some artificial lift technologies ineffective or impossible.

Our Solution: Jet pumps can operate at depths up to 15,000' TVD.

Liquid-Loaded Wells

The Challenge: Gas wells commonly become "liquid-loaded" from water inside the gas-producing zone. This water creates a hydrostatic head that can reduce or cease gas production.

Our Solution: You can run JJ Tech jet pumps in a concentric string configuration where liquids are produced from below the perforations, lowering the hydrostatic column of fluid. Gas can then flow freely to the surface via the casing annulus.

Reduce Costs and Increase Oil and Gas Well Production

The patented (US Pat. 7,255,175) JJ Tech jet pump solution can lower overall operating costs over the life of your wells.

It comprises three technologies:

  • SELECT-JET Pump: Our unique design and manufacturing process result in best-in-class, efficient lift performance. Operators have the flexibility to place it in the well where all other forms of artificial lift can't operate.
  • Hydra-Cell Diaphragm Pump: The seal-less, packing-free design ensures a reliable, yet efficient way to power the JJ Tech jet pump.
  • JJ Tech Jet Pump Optimization Software: Easy-to-operate optimization software makes designing jet pump systems quick and easy. Our software also enables us to confirm the jet pump system is operating as efficiently as possible.

Combining these technologies, our artificial lift solution can reduce costs significantly.

Benefits include:

  • Reduced workover costs. Three to five-year run times are not uncommon.
  • Increased production from wells that competing technologies can't produce effectively.
  • Greater reliability with no downhole moving parts and handling high sand and gas/liquid ratio (GLR) wells.
  • Ability to continuously chemically treat all tubulars wellbore.
  • Ability to use produced water or oil from the wellbore to power the jet pump.
  • The Hydra-Cell diaphragm pump costs less to operate than a conventional triplex plunger pump. It is environmentally friendly (no VOC emissions) and is far more efficient than a multistage centrifugal pump (H-Pump).

Our team specializes in resolving oil and gas well production problems in changing environments. We're easily accessible, and our response times are unmatched.

Lower overall lifting costs by increasing runtimes with the highly versatile JJ Tech Jet Pump System.

Talk to JJ Tech about analyzing your well, at no cost, and let us see if we can lower your overall cost to operate your wells. If our solution isn't the best to increase your oil and gas well production, we won't recommend it.

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Resolve Oil and Gas Well Production Problems with JJ Tech Artificial Lift Solutions

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