JJ Tech featured in June 2022 Issue of The American Oil & Gas Reporter

  • June 30, 2022
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JJ Tech featured in June 2022 Issue of The American Oil & Gas Reporter

  • June 30, 2022
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In this article, Colter Cookson describes the landscape of engineering equipment and lift techniques being redefined to include advances in material sciences that have resulted in automation and increased efficiency. JJ Tech's innovative technology, most notably JJ Tech's Jet Pump systems, are featured as on the forefront leading these advancements. We've provided a synopsis below, however click here to read the full article on The American Oil & Gas Reporter.

JJ Tech's Advanced Jet Pump Technology

Matthew James, Co-President of JJ Tech, is featured describing JJ Tech's advanced jet pumps that can be installed far down into the curve or lateral without worrying about reliability, "which is a huge advantage in horizontal wells" he explains. Chris Lamberth, Co-President of JJ Tech, also explains that these pumps have a very high production rate, adding that he's "seen a daily production as high as 4,500 barrels."

James explains that while jet pumps may sometimes exceed the initial costs of other artificial lift methods, "jet pumping almost always reduces lease operating expenses in crooked, sandy or corrosive wells simply by reducing the need for workovers."

The Surface Pump

According to James, "the biggest advantage JJ Tech’s jet pump system has over traditional designs is the surface pump." We use a seal-less design that eliminates any need for lubricating plungers and worn packing. Notably, our surface pumps also provide environmental protection by removing any risk of spill.

The Jet Pump Performance and Interface

James describes JJ Tech's user-friendly software that evaluates all nozzle and throat combinations each time a simulation is conducted. To maximize your jet pumps' performance, properly sizing the nozzle and throat will be key. The software also enables operators to quickly determine whether a jet pump system is the right fit for a specific well.

How to Purchase or Lease

JJ Tech's jet pump systems can either be purchased or leased, and the leases typically include an option to purchase. This opportunity allows "engineers to see how effective a jet pump system can be before committing to purchase the system" explains Lamberth.

Read the Full Article

Click here to read the full article "Artificial Lift Technology" by Colter Cookson published in the American Oil & Gas Reporter.

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